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Film / Production

As the gap between film and photography is closing, we have the pleasure of offering you the best of both worlds. We can provide you with a full service production, from start to finish. This includes casting, location scouting, budgeting, catering,  directors and editing - everything that a film or a photo production implies!

We customize film for web, tv and cinema. No production is too big or small for us.

Below: A selection of moving images by our directing photographers. You can view more film in each photographer´s individual portfolio.

We also produce film and production with freelancers.

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Diplom Is - Wanted // Alotta Dough - Los&Co
Una Sand
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Diplom Is - Wanted - Los&Co
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Statoil / The Power of Possible
Maya Vik / Fighter
Never Denim Super Flex
Kronprinsparets Fond
Bendik Giske / Used To You
Karin Park / Pål Laukli
Lego / Duplo
Tonning & Stryn
Never Denim Super Flex
Cubus / Produkter